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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Burgerthon Restaurant Numero Seis: The Bottlehouse

Burgerthon-ers unite! A new post! I have regrettably and apologetically strayed from finding burgery goodness in the city of Calgary. I have since been set right, and am now questing to complete the Burgerthon Mission set out several months ago. 

Our latest visit was to The Bottlehouse in Kensington. Located on the corner of 10th Street and Memorial Drive, this now pub has been several other incarnations of food fare. Hopefully, this one sticks! This brewhouse and all round public gathering spot was one of the first to point me in their burger direction; naming the Street Fighter Burger as one of their best. I have happily obliged. 

The Street Fighter
The menu description really doesn't give the Street Fighter Burger credit; "This 6 oz Peruvian street burger is packed with back bacon, a fried egg, Havarti cheese, tortilla strips and a Kalamata mayo." It all sounds tasty enough, but when it comes together, the burger is a flavourful combination of smooth, salty, crisp and meaty. Citing 100% beef, this burger most certainly has the drip factor, and leaves you needing not even one of your well-seasoned french fries. The addition of the fried egg is an unexpected component, and adds texture and fantastic mouth feel. 

Smoke B-House Burger
We also tried the Smoke B-House Burger that is a smoky arrangement of cheeses, onion rings, bacon and barbecue sauce. A very classic burger, but tasty and enjoyable nonetheless. 

Something that was interesting about the burgers was the use of an onion roll as the bun of choice. The bun for a burger is key, since it has to simultaneously hold all the ingredients together and not be the star of the show. It shouldn't smoosh into nothingness, nor crunch and crackle its way to your mouth. Kudos to the Bottlehouse on a very good bun. 

Get out of the way!
The atmosphere of the place was a bit understated. It seemed like the kind of place you could watch a great game, and drink a beer without compromising on food. They had a decent selection of local beer on hand, and the music was fun, if a little loud. We sat out on the patio on a Friday night, and it was a great spot to people watch. 

For great burgers in a good room, the Bottlehouse gets a solid 4 burgers out of 5. 

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