Oliver's Chili Peppers

Oliver's Chili Peppers

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Charcut Roast House- Mmmm...

I have to admit that I am a little starstruck. Upon seeing Chef Connie DeSousa at her restaurant Charcut Roast House on Saturday night, I got a little giddy! I feel like I know her after watching her on Top Chef Canada, and reading articles about her in several magazines. I am amazed by her talent and her ease in the kitchen, amazed that she uses recipes from her family, and amazed that she worked with Alice Waters. And there she was, standing in her kitchen, hair in a ponytail, sending out the plates. Then she came out of the kitchen, and started toward our table...

Our Dinner, Presented Family Style
Ok, so she was really just doing her chef-ly duty and greeting her guests, but I was excited to meet her nonetheless. I wanted to tell her how much I admire her, that I think what she is doing with her business is meaningful, that I loved our dinner and to read my blog! Alas, I really only got out a mumbled, "Pleased to meet you, thanks for the amazing time." Boo. 

Pig's Head Mortadella
I wanted to tell her that the Mortadella that our server said "could never be taken off the menu because it is so well liked" was flawless. The delicate fennel salad that is served with the cool Buffalo mozzarella and herbs was THE perfect summer appetizer. That the polenta and fiddleheads under the crisp yet tender pork belly were a tremendous trio, and nevermind the moist quarter chicken and asparagus. I wanted to ask how she cures the bacon that was so smoky, salty and wonderful. I wished to say that the kitchen towels as napkins and the mason jars as lighting were whimsical touches alongside the wildflowers adorning the banquette. 

Connie, you and your team have done an amazing job and I cannot wait to return.Thank you for what you have done for food in this city. And, for those amazing chocolate chip cookies! 

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  1. It seems that you are really lucky to have met Connie from Top Chef! I would love to meet Connie as well! The happy birthday treat looks amazing!

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