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Oliver's Chili Peppers

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Burgerthon Restaurant Numero Cuatro: Fatburger

Good day Burger lovers! Today's creation comes to you from the sunny south of Calgary, as the Burgerthon's visit our next restaurant, Fatburger

Fatburger has been in Calgary for a few years, and can be found in the Deerfoot Meadows or 32nd Avenue. Fatburger offers up a diner style atmosphere, in a chain honoured by Californians and celebrities alike. It claims to be 'the last great hamburger stand' so we decided to check them out. 

The California Burger
The first thing that we noticed while waiting for our Backyard BBQ and California burgers was all the yelling. From one corner of the busy grill, a team member yells something (things that sounded like "Cheesy Fatburger!" "Thank you!" and "Strawberry Shake!"), and then in unison, the other team members yell it back. The enthusiasm contributes to an animated and entertaining atmosphere. Our burgers arrived piping hot, on a very soft, white bun. Husband's Backyard BBQ included bacon, pepper jack cheese, BBQ sauce and an onion ring, with lettuce, tomato & mayo. My California burger was simple, with bacon, pepper jack, guacamole, lettuce, tomato and mayo. The first thing we noticed when our baskets arrived at our table was the overall expanse of the burgers awaiting us; these burgers are large. One of Fatburger's claims is that they use fresh, not frozen, patties- a very nice claim to make. In spite of that, for me, the courser grind of the meat left me feeling a little bit underwhelmed. I felt that the patty itself lacked flavour, and would have benefitted from additional seasoning. I also had to remove some of my bacon, because it was not crisp enough (Ok fine, here is a truth about me: I am not a fan of bacon fat. My apologies to all you Baconists out there). Husband found his overall burger to be flavourful, but agreed that it was probably from the addition of the sauce and the onion ring. 

Fatburger is a busy, buzzing, burger joint, and I think it speaks to a level of burgers just beneath gourmet, that doesn't leave you feeling broke or dissatisfied. I would have liked a higher quality of meat with more flavour. However, they serve a variety of burgers, including chicken, turkey and veggie, and have a vast array of available toppings. You can even get a pretty good milkshake, so, for all of these reasons, Fatburger earns a score of 3 out of 5.

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