Oliver's Chili Peppers

Oliver's Chili Peppers

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Burgerthon Restaurant Numero Tres: Notable

The smell of braising meat, baking bread, bubbling cheese... these are what greeted us as we entered Notable on a snowy Saturday afternoon. The kinds of smells that made our hungry bellies growl and our mouthes water! Notable invited me (via twitter) to come and try their new Burger of the Month, so naturally, we showed up!

Notable is the kind of restaurant that is so talkable, its ridiculous. It is in Bowness, kind of dodgey, but trying. It is all well thought out food, by renowned chef Michael Noble. And it is busy. Really busy. Make a reservation if you go!

Alberta Pork Burger with Calabrese Salami & Fontina
Now for the burger; This month's was Alberta raised pork, with Calabrese spices, Calabrese salami and melted fontina cheese, all on a house-made potato bun. This burger was truly a thing of beauty. In fact, we came up with a new Burgerthon measuring yardstick in it's honour- the Drip Factor. If a burger is so juicy, and filled with fresh ingredients, that your hands get a little sloppy eating it, it has sufficient drip factor. This burger had it.  The pork was cooked to perfection showing a little bit of pink. The salami and spices were well conceived, with some heat and some smoke, and all of this was brought together by the melted fontina. Their potato bun was almost like brioche; it stood up to the burger, and contributed nicely to the overall flavour. I must also mention the tomato. Here in Calgary, during the Winter (October to July) its hard to find a ripe, flavourful, not-dismally-coloured tomato. If anyone from Notable wants to let me know how they found such a great burger tomato, I would love to know! All of this goodness is served with Notable's house-cut french fries. If you can get there for the month of April, go. Actually, go now. 

For the room, it is a mixture of east and west coast, taking influences right from nature. Nothing is too matchy-matchy, but it all works in cohesion. Great play list (we heard Van Morrison again!) and a friendly team. 

For their use of Alberta pork in a burger worthy of drip factor status AND serving it all in a beautiful room, Notable gets the highest Burgerthon rating to date, 4.5 out of 5.

Stilton Cheesecake
I also wanted to mention, even though it has nothing to do with the burger, the wonder of their Stilton Cheesecake. We ordered this for dessert, even though Husband was a little leery due to a disliking blue cheese disorder. The cake is creamy and smooth, with just a hint of blue cheese flavour on the very back of the palate. It has a bruléed top, and it served with a tart rhubarb compote. It was wonderfully refreshing, not too sweet, and quite a surprise at the end of our meal. I would like one right now. Thanks Notable!

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