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Oliver's Chili Peppers

Monday, March 14, 2011

Burgerthon Restaurant Numero Dos: LoungeBurger

Lots of positive feedback from all of you out there on the Burgerthon, thanks! Keep it coming! 

Our next burger joint on the list is LoungeBurger. Hubby and I went there this past Saturday afternoon, a little after the lunch rush. For those of you that don't know, LoungeBurger is just off of Macleod Trail, right near the Saddledome. This proximity makes it a pretty perfect hang out before or after a hockey game. In fact, I was pleased to see some of the team at LoungeBurger wearing their jerseys and t-shirts to support our hockey team (although THAT is another subject entirely!).

AAA Beef & Southwest Flavours
On to the matter at hand... We both chose to order their AAA Beef Burger, which they offer in three variations. Husband chose the Southwest version, which is a combination of guacamole, chipotle ranch, pepper bacon, jalapeno jack cheese and fresh jalapenos. I chose their blue cheese and caramelized pear offering. Sadly, we both felt that the beef was not memorable and would not stand on its own without the merit of the other fresh toppings and great baking. I am of the opinion that if you are marketing your restaurant to the burger connoisseur, then your basic beef burger should be outstanding.
AAA Beef, Blue Cheese, Pear

I would be happy to give them another chance because they offer so many other choices, including a trio of Alberta game sliders that sounded amazing. I also appreciated the variation of burgers available, including two of the all-important veggie burger. They offer several types of fries to pair with your burger choice, including cajun curly fries, that are quite delicious. To top it all off, their selection of additional Fry Dippers are tremendous. I tried the Tandoori Aioli and found it to be delectable with my crispy, skinny fries.

LoungeBurger has a great location among several hip condo buildings, and the proximity to the Saddledome is amazing. Their room reflects a dark, loungey feeling, without a lot of adornment or art. The music was a good mix of classics (even, Van Morrison, who should be played with regularity everywhere). I would like to go again at the peak of a busy evening to see if the vibe changes. For now, LoungeBurger gets a hopeful 2 out of 5.

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